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How to get ready for Debt Advice?

Before we speak to you on the phone, we recommend you prepare for your debt advice session.

Gather details about your circumstances for example:

  1. The money you have coming in, for example your wages, benefits, pension payments or tax credits

  2. Your regular living costs, such as your rent or mortgage, what you need to spend on food, travel and insurance, among other things

  3. How much money you owe and who you owe money to, including any interest, fees and charges

You can get this information by checking your recent account statements, receipts and payslips. This will help us to get a clear picture of what you can afford and which payments you’re struggling to keep on top of.

It’s important to be as accurate as possible, but we won’t ask you to send us any documents, at this stage, to get a recommendation for the best solution for your situation.

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